Looking this up on the net I found out its a fairly rare book much to my surprise. The book is small measuring 4 1/4" wide x 6" high. It is a privately printed book to teach the soldier what the army did not. The photos and description show how to attack and defend yourself in cause your are attack ...Read and See More
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This is a pretty interesting book, I do not read much German so can't say much about the text. However, there are a lot of great pics of Hitler, lots of personalities form the period, events, a nice pic of Goring wearing a sword and so much more. Fun to look through! ...Read and See More
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Over the years I have set these little booklets aside when I got them in my buys. Never tried to get them all just what came to me. Anyways here are nine different KCIC winners with a short description and some photos l Always thought that they were neat. Condition OK to Good ...Read and See More
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This two book set listing of the Central Registry of German War Criminals and Security Suspects is dated June 1946. The cover also list that this is the Final Copy and that all previous copies are to be destroyed. This paper back set list over 28,000 wanted German suspects for various crimes inclu ...Read and See More
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This has to be one of the neatest picture frames I ever had. This one has everything. At the top of the frame is a large Bavarian crown then the cross flags, note one spear point is missing the frame around the soldier Bavarian guy of course has a bayonet on his side and at the bottom of the opening ...Read and See More
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Award document in fine condition, it was presented and signed. You can research the person and awarding officer! ...Read and See More
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Pretty cool! A friend bought these on a hotel buy many, many years ago. It looks like they were the Fuhrers letter head or at least these are smaller and not full sized, very cool! I have 5 of these available 7194  ...Read and See More
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