This is a pretty interesting book, I do not read much German so can't say much about the text. However, there are a lot of great pics of Hitler, lots of personalities form the period, events, a nice pic of Goring wearing a sword and so much more. Fun to look through! ...Read and See More
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This has to be the neatest thing I have found in a long time. This is and actual instruction plate that is found on the inside cover of an Enigma code machine. I have always wanted an Enigma machine but have long given up on that especially how they are priced today. So this gives you the chance to ...Read and See More
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Neet picture! It looks like the shoulder boards and eagle were added at a later date, this was common for many reasons during the period. ...Read and See More
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Award document in fine condition, it was presented and signed. You can research the person and awarding officer! ...Read and See More
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Pretty cool! A friend bought these on a hotel buy many, many years ago. It looks like they were the Fuhrers letter head or at least these are smaller and not full sized, very cool! I have 5 of these available 7194  ...Read and See More
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