Several of these came in on a hotel buy a couple of years ago, this is one of the last ones. ...Read and See More
Item Number:   8515
Price:   $199.00 USD
Very nicely marked insignia with most of the paint still present, nice piece!  ...Read and See More
Item Number:   8441
Price:   $20.00 USD
Nice example in wonderful condition, not much more to say but look at the pictures.  ...Read and See More
Item Number:   8440
Price:   $45.00 USD
Another eagle that is in great shape with the pins still present.  ...Read and See More
Item Number:   8438
Price:   $50.00 USD
RZM Marked and complete with pins for attachment to a visor.  ...Read and See More
Item Number:   8434
Price:   $50.00 USD
This bird is for a visor and I think is super attractive! I think it would be nice for display or mounting on a hat.  ...Read and See More
Item Number:   8433
Price:   $85.00 USD
Nice eagle that is great for display or your visor complete with the pins.  ...Read and See More
Item Number:   8432
Price:   $50.00 USD
Nice, slightly worn cockade ready for use on your hat or display!  ...Read and See More
Item Number:   8436
Price:   $30.00 USD
In fine condition which was once on a vets souvenirs board.  ...Read and See More
Item Number:   8430
Price:   $35.00 USD
I have always though this is one of the coolest cockades of the Third Reich, we collectors love enamel and high quality, this one fits the bill and has a great design too!  ...Read and See More
Item Number:   8429
Price:   $145.00 USD